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it's been a hell hard week and a bit to handle but im still right here, giving blood, keeping faith and im still right here. joMAN's service was nice... and it's the hardest thing to say goodbye to your mates.

that's 2 of my friends in the last 12 months that i've watched be lowered into the earth on that hill..... i hate that hill!.. it breaks my heart knowing that i'll never see their faces again..... that they'll never drink a beer with me when we're hell bored... or share a cigi with me at a doof when we're reaching that magical peak and the main act is on..... but we had so unforgettable moments that's for sure.

i'm thankful that i got to share the time i did with them.... and it won't go forgotten

R.I.P. JoMAN and Bigmac, although your not here in person your your here still alive in us, all your friends, the ones who miss you.

on a lighter note. just over a month now for tara and i... she's so good to me, even lately when i've been pretty messy and vague.... i'm a very lucky man.... and i got a job at lynchs liqour, i delver drugs for the chemist and booze for the liqour store. thats all for now

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