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?...this is really happening....?

well i just woke up... how good am i?... lol! not very good.
in other news i got half my hair cut off, it's still real long though
was insanely metal \m/ at it's full length, i'll post photo's when i can be bothered of how long it was before the great hair massacre. lol
picked more fungi yesterday, tis certainly the season to be loopy.
going to apply for a job at harvey norman today, need some work.
there's only so much nothing that you can do........

.... Nic and Kelso will be home from melb at the end of this week. I've missed those guys heaps. be great to see them :o)

been tossing about the idea of giving up smoking flutes. my lungs are drilled.
and i'm starting to hate being stoned. i think it's just the smoking process that i love so hardcore.

i been putting my body and mind through some big test's as of late
and i have a slight feeling if i carry on like this i could do some serious damage. don't want to end up in the ward like a few of my mates in recent times.... poor lads.

well im off to go apply for jobs.
keep it real. and dont do anything i wouldn't do ;o)

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