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flying high

well i've just got back from W.A, i havent slept since about 8am yesterday when i woke up.
so im a little fuzzy headed and i can hear music that isnt even playing lol.
it was a hell mad holiday. i got to catch up with my cousins, fred, ashlea and emilia.

haven't seen them since the christmas of 95... a fkn long time....
i spent 300 bux over the ten days i'd say about 200 of that went on bottles of Canadian club and johnny red.
which is a huge effort for me... i hardly drink... i did not smoke anything but 10 cig's through out the whole adventure. go me.
..... lot's more to write... had a blast.. was mad seeing my cousins.....

rodger dodger..... more when im not jet lagged and i've had sleep.....

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Yay, I can comment with open ID now!

WA sounds cool as

Didn't know you knew peoples over there

First holidays I havent been in W'bool for 7 years. I'll have to do something to rectify that.

And I don't even have to write me name now, how cool